Charlottesville, VA Update

By Trauma Response

CharlottesvillePic1Charlottesville, Virginia. In the aftermath of the white supremacist march and violence in Charlottesville, the UU Trauma Response Ministry has received requests for trauma response follow-up. We’ve also been asked to provide training in Critical Incident Stress Management (the gold standard for training trauma responders). To fill a need that falls between direct trauma response and the gold-standard training for responders, the UUTRM Board is considering whether to offer a training specifically for pastoral care teams to help them better serve members who have been strongly affected by traumatic events, whether in person or via the media.


In the wake of the violence and hatred that occurred when white supremacists gathered and brought tiki torches, weapons and terror in Charlottesville, many congregations are wondering what will happen and how can they respond as the white supremacist organizations plan similar rallies and threats of violence in cities and towns across the country.

CharlottesvillePic2Unitarian Universalist congregations are responding to confront and counteract white supremacy. The Unitarian Universalist Trauma Response Ministry (UUTRM) is one resource for your congregation as you prepare, perhaps joining with other organizations and interfaith efforts in your locale. Or you may want assistance as your members cope with the aftermath of a critical incident and its impact on your lay members and your professional staff.

We are composed of Unitarian Universalist ministers and lay members of UU congregations who are trained in trauma response and who desire to assist those involved in critical incidents like the one in Charlottesville. We are here for your congregation when you need us.

We offer assistance such as:
❖ Direct, on-site ministry at the scene, whether national or local
❖ Phone or virtual consultation and support
❖ Crisis intervention for those who have experienced various levels of an incident that can be traumatic
❖ Hospitality and respite care for survivors and their families
❖ Crisis intervention and other stress management skills
❖ Administrative assistance, telephone answering, on-site greeters, office support
❖ Pulpit supply for ministers engaged in trauma response

Often, people know UUTRM responds to natural disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Superstorm Sandy but we also respond when called in the face of racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, white supremacy and direct action in which our congregations are involved. We are here if you need us before, during and after a critical incident to help people in our congregations with good coping skills that may mitigate later emotional difficulties. We know that people are naturally resilient and may need some assistance as they deal with threats to their sense of hope and meaning. The UUTRM team is here for you when you need us.

UUTraumaLogoUUTRM was formed in 2002 to provide timely, multilevel, culturally sensitive spiritual care to survivors of mass disasters and other critical incidents that may lead to significant trauma. We work to educate individuals, congregations and other groups on culturally and spiritually sensitive responses to critical incidents and mass disaster. We provide resources including the deployment of critical incident stress management (CISM) teams to assist congregations and the communities they work within in the wake of mass disaster and other significant critical incidents.

We have a toll free line that will reach a member of UUTRM who is on call and available 24/7: 888-760-3332.

In the spirit of our Unitarian Universalist faith,

Unitarian Universalist Trauma Response Ministry Board members