Probable and Predictable Phases of Trauma or Disaster

Probable and Predictable Phases of Trauma or Disaster

Unitarian Universalist Trauma Response Ministry

1. Pre-impact – before the event occurs
Get education about community resources/responses/opportunities for training

Pre-planning can include building safety review & inventory, discussion of emergency plans

2. Impact – the event occurs

Conduct an inventory & assessment of needs, damages, loss,

Call in outside resources

Utilize all sources to deliver services or begin to deliver assistance

3. Post-impact Phase – the dust is beginning to settle

Honeymoon stage is usually followed by disillusionment, disappointment, despair and a sense of being abandoned
4. Re-entry phase

Beginning to act, think, respond beyond the immediate reaction to the event

Most of the major outside resources have withdrawn or lessened support

5. Restructuring/construction phase

Decisions have to be made about rebuilding, both individual and community

A shift has occurred in worldview that is effecting all aspects of life including how to rebuild, or perhaps not to

An increased awareness that nothing will be the same again

Anniversary times, services of recognition and memorials